Martí & Samin on tour

Samin Son (Seoul), is a multimedia artist. Currently based in Berlin, he has previously lived in Korea and New Zealand. His works have been exhibited around Europe, Oceania, Asia and North America.
Since 2007, Samin Son works in a variety of fields, across various media and instruments, including live performance and sound, videos, paintings, installations, as well as DJing and productions; in experimental settings in exhibitions and shows.
Main themes and areas of interest include myths and ideas about (re)birth, (re)death, and cycles of life.
His work delves into ideas of (re)birth, (re)death and cycles of life. Furthermore, through also focussing on and using repetition and transformative processes, it explores symbolic aspects of life.

Heterodox artist, who manipulates electronic devices, sounds, images, videos, actions and objects, where it often becomes unusual, unique. Improvisation, experimentation and diy (do it yourself), are combined, irreverently but reflexive, mostly in ephemeral proposals.
It is characterized by a fresh and changing language that reflects on the social habits and the relationship between creativity and everyday life.
He has collaborated with many artists such a dancers, visual artists and performers, and played music and improvised sound with diferent groups and musicians.
His solo works are focused in constant expansion and learn.
Marti seems convinced that ‘the mystery’ is before us, and he shows to us. His creative discoveries tell us in some way, that ‘we can start from here something that will take us
very far. “When he wants is an irreverent educated and / or make beautiful things and / or show you the beauty of what others call ‘ugly’. The pleasure he experiences is
perceived and feels almost like an act of generosity that invites you to attend. Marti is one of those artists who in their artistic approach is much of the message. He is the surprise ” (text by Alvaro Pichó)